Expunging Multiple Convictions vs. Multiple Arrest that did not lead to a Conviction:

If you fall into Section 1 category cases then this section does not apply to you. Refer to the other pages on this website to determine where you expungement case falls.

You can apply to expunge more than one conviction at a time by combining all convictions in the same county in one petition.  To expunge multiple arrests from your records you will have to file another petition for Expungement for each arrest regardless of the county. If you have more than one conviction in separate counties, then you still need to file separate petitions for each of those counties. Because you only have one chance in your life to file for expungement, you must file all petitions that you want expunged within a one year time period.

For example, lets say you were convicted of charges in Marion County, Hamilton County and Hancock County. Your convictions are eligible for expungment and you have waited the appropriate amount of time for each conviction in their separate counties (check previous pages to determine eligibility for expungement and the proper waiting time for each case).  You then file your petition with your attorney for your conviction in Marion County on July 1, 2015. You have until July 1, 2016 to file the petitions for your cases in Hamilton County and Hancock County before the time expires for your once per lifetime expungement filing.

How to file for expungement:

Before you begin filing for a petition for expungement, make sure you meet all the specific requirements for your case. Each case has a different waiting period before an expungement petition can be filed, anywhere from one to ten years. Also, you cannot apply for a petition if you have been arrested or convicted of another crime during your waiting period. Remember, you only have one chance to file for a petition so make sure that you have met all the requirements and that you fill out the information on your petition correctly.

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